Sell My Junk Car For $500 Near Me / Who Buys Junk Cars

Sell My Junk Car For $500 Near Me

No matter it’s an old car or a truck or even an SUV, when its time to sell, we look for a good price. We all look for that extra cash but is there anyone to pay $500 for a junk?

$500 sale for my Junk car

Dial the number and offer your car. Don’t forget to mention your quote for same, i.e., $500 for a junk car. But with the downward trend in the market for Automotive scrap, you might feel sigh to ask for it.

No matter how good the automotive scrap yards want to pay you, they are bound by the scrap metal falling price. But still, in the year 2019, they attempt to improve.


A business, like scrapping steel is a great one. It helps save the environment as it utilizes less energy and has less harmful effects. Tons of steel gets recycled. They are then converted to Bridges, Construction materials, vehicles, etc.
All this recycling was worth for all until the year 2014. It was time when per ton value of Scrap steel paid $400 and selling for $500 was also not tough. But then, the price took a sharp turn and started dropping $50 after $50. It reached out to $80 in 2015 but the demand of people was stuck with more than $500. The business had one question, “How long will this continue?”

The answer for same was 2016 when the market saw rebounds and continued to same till 2019. But then a hit and the price went down and price per ton of scrap reached $100. So, will this pay you $500? No again.

Why $500 is getting tougher for the seller of junk cars?

Talking precisely after 2016, some yards were out of business. Some even struggled for a downturn in price. The reasons for the same were:

  1. Low exports– 20 million metric tonnes, this was the record. This record reached the export of scrap metals overseas. But soon this dropped in 2014 to 15.3 million tonnes. This showed, with the decreasing demand, prices get lowered and all suffer along.
  2. Chinese economy– With a slowing down economy of china, the same has extended to the Steel industry too. This made the export less to china because they buy less for what we are there offering.
  3. The high value of the US dollar– Yes, it’s good news but not for the importers of steel and metal scraps. With the increasing price, they demand less and hence causing a bad effect on the industry.
  4. Internet– It is another factor to add for worsening condition of the industry. It has increased competition and globalized sales of auto cars. The outside countries with lesser regulations are becoming a threat to business.
  5. Increased imports– China makes steel available for export at low rates. This makes others a losing situation for the countries who are producing steels. So, they come to the US and then this huge import makes American steel mills loose business. Decreased demand for them makes them demand less scrap.
  6. The difference in models and makes– Every car is different. For example, Honda Accord differs from Dodge Ram. So why can we expect the same price from the same?

This together creates a market which is volatile and dangerous. This market is what that stops the junkyard buyers, pay less. So, when you approach, we assure to try and pay you with our best quotes. A best competitive price is what we offer. Sydney Car Recyclers make the process easy and quick. Its hassle-free with instant quotes and sale.

Get the best cash for junk cars nearby

Its working is simple. You can get cash for junk cars by following the steps:

  1. Have a title for what you offer– No junk scrap yards purchases cars from other than owners. If you still look after without title, it might not pay you well.
  2. Know the worth– Don’t wait. None will take interest in the sentiments you hold for your car. You might think it worth’s high but in actual it keeps decreasing day by day. Before you approach, make sure to know the worth of same. for cars to scrap, keep a track over steel price. Talk around for what can people can pay for the junk before it reaches to the yard.
  3. Make a call or use the internet– Be honest and confirm the actual working condition of the car. Once you do, wait for an honest quote from their end. If all the 3 quotes you get is less than $500, you might not receive $500 for sale. None of the yards has a much larger difference in processes to know the salvage value for your junk cars.
  4. Make a decision– If you are not satisfied with the offer and are happy to make some space in the yard, do that. But if life is at its end, do not wait. Sell it.
  5. Drive-in, instead of towing service– If you can drive in, do that. The price offered are higher for drive-ins.

Who will buy my junk car?

There are many options available to sell your junk cars. They are:

  1. While buying a new car, trade your old one.
  2. You can use the junk car buying service or the yards of auto salvage to sell.
  3. You can sell it on Craigslist or other classified sites, etc.

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